Login Facebook Account?


Creating Facebook Account:

Creating Facebook Account - If you want to join the most popular and biggest social network all across the world you are in the right place. Here you can have many features that were not provided by any other social platform to facilitate its users. Here we discuss some most important features of Facebook which make it different from any other social site. But first of all, we discuss how a user can create its account on that social platform. It is quite simple just follow the following steps to create.

Facebook Login Steps:

  • Go to www.facebook.com login from your smartphone Facebook App or from your personal computer. When you enter into the website you will see a big screen written with the “Open an Account Its free and always will be” and on the right side of it you will see a Facebook login page and a signup form with some fields. Put the data of name, last name, email address, mobile phone number, re-write email or phone, password, date of birth, and gender. Be careful while putting the data into form because it cannot be changed if it entered wrong once. After filling in all this information, you need to push the “Create Account” button.
  • In the second step, you need to enter the captcha.
  • In the third step, you need to carefully read all the terms and conditions provide by Facebook and then accept it.
  • Now Open the New Tab of your browser and go to the Email Id which you provided while creating your Facebook account. Login to your email id and check your inbox. You may check your spam folder and here you will find a new email sent by Facebook Team. Open this email and here you will find the confirmation link to confirm your FB login. And that’s it now you have successfully created your Facebook account.
  • Your account is ready ow and the confirmation link will take you to the find your friends’ page. Here you can search your friends via their name or by email or by connecting your email such as Yahoo Mail/Gmail with your Facebook account.
  • Now you need to set up your privacy options. In these options, you need to fix that who can see your profile, who can send you a friend request, and who can send you messages and other privacies like that.
  • Now you need to fill up the information about yourself. This information includes your full name, your job or school name, your profile picture, and other relevant details, and then you need to like some pages which will help FB team to show the pics or videos relevant to your interest.
  • You must verify your account via your phone number. To facilitate with all the features of Facebook you need to prove that you are human. You can prove it by simply following these simple steps.
  • Go to setting, privacy, verify my facebook account, and press the button “Send me a message”.
  • If you still didn’t register your phone number you have to do it now. And if you register your account you will receive a confirmation message with a code.
  • Write the code and now your account is verified and ready to use.
  • Now you have set up your account and you can use all services of Facebook.

Now you can post photos, videos, status, and can connect with other friends. All you need to do is just Facebook sign in and enjoy its features. Once you login into your account then you should remember your ID and Password. But it has some recovery options by which you can recover your account. For example, if either you forgot your password. I will share some tips with you. By using these tips, you can recover your account by using the proven Facebook recovery option.


You can use these tips either you think that you forgot your password Facebook offers its users several ways to recover accounts most of these mothed are dependent upon the information which the user provides at the time of signup when user setting up an account. If the user has not done it then it will be difficult to recover and the chances of account recovery is almost negligible. Facebook recovery actually very tricky if a user didn’t set up its recovery option. However, here are some most important and authentic ways to recover your Facebook account. One more important thing, please keep it in mind that following tips or tricks require a lot of patience and time.

Before you try to recover your Facebook account, kindly check if you are already login to any other device this could be on any other device or I any other browser. If you are login there then you can easily recover it from that browser without any difficulty like reset password or recovery code etc.

Recover your account by Profile Page:

First of all, if you have any other account like your friend or any other family member and by using this account you can find your Facebook page. To proceed with this trick, you need to find your profile page by using the Facebook friend list and then find the option “Find Support or Report profile” if you it then clicks on it.

Now find the suitable option “I Can’t Access My Account” and select one problem which you are facing while try to login to your account and then click on the “Next” button.

In the next step click on “Recover This Account” and it will log you out from the account which you are currently using and start the account recovery.

This method will simply lead you to reset your password and you can set up your account back with a new password. The second option is based on the recovery email which you provide to the Facebook team at the time of signup.